Saturday, 6 September 2008

Review / Blood Wedding @ The Scoop, London Bridge

ok so i turned up about five minutes late to this thing, and it was already quite packed. I sat right at the back mainly because i didnt want to disturb the others since i had been late, and also i had a croissant in my bag i wished to eat without it crumbling all over my beard whilst others might quietly dissaprove.

so yeah having missed the beginning it was quite hard to follow the rest of the play. it was set in old times, in Spain, where there were farmers, innocent daughters, and broad-shouldered sons who worked the field. the general gist of it was a marriage situation between two people but then one other guy came in between them and ran off with the girl.. i think.

you know, it was really cold that night. i mean, i walked really fast from London Bridge station to get there but i had winds against my face and that wasnt nice. yeah so the low temperature and grey, puffy clouds hanging around was a distraction. i kept doing that thing you know when you pull your jumper over your knees, and also i tuck in both my arms into my jumper and hid myself inside my layers.

after a while i started to hear quite loud but muffled latin/salsa music coming from nearby. i soon realised it was coming from a boat party moored near to where this play was, which was slightly unfortunate because the staff were quick to hush loud or ignorant passer-bys, but there was no way they could shut up a boat. the music was quite loud sometimes that i kept getting distracted and to make things worse near the end, the staff, who were at the opposite end of the stage, away from the audience's view, were dancing and messing around to the music. that wasnt so professional i must say.

yeah the play lasted about an hour and half. it was hard to say whether it was good or not, for some reason i couldnt get into it at all, possibly due to some of the reasons outlined above. oh also some of the wireless mics the actors were using kept cutting out during their lines.

hmm.. maybe my experience of this wasnt so objective i must admit, so i would say go out and catch the show yourself. tomorrow is the last night!

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