Tuesday, 9 September 2008


last night i felt really sleepy, on the way home from Sheperds Bush. i was on a bus and i was leaning my head and after a while i was dozing off, only to be woken up occasionally if the bus driver had driven over a hump or if the windows rattled during traffic my head would bounce off eventually.

But this feeling came over me, i felt i was going to die. and somehow in my mind i had this baffling idea that if i slept i would not wake up. and i started to panic and thought of ways to avoid letting the idea brew in my head. i looked around for a newspaper to divert my attention, there were all being used. my phone battery was running really low, otherwise i was hoping to call someone and keep in conversation till i got home or something.

anyway somehow i managed to not go crazy and last till i got home, and checked stuff online like emails, facebook etc.

and of course i did end up sleeping at like 3 or 4am and woke up this morning. luckily.

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